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Porfidio Quercus is a transformed, contemporary and delicately oak-seasoned expression of Porfidio Plata that strikes a harmonious balance between the distilled soul of the pure agave juice that gives Porfidio Plata its characteristic fresh flavor, and the unparalleled delightful suavity that only high-quality oak can impart to the palate.
Porfidio Quercus shares its short ageing cycle with all tequila reposados, but what makes it outstanding is the quality of the oak and the optimally sized barrels in which the fragrant spirit is nurtured to delicate oak-seasoned perfection. In another first, Porfidio Quercus is Porfidio's, and the world's, first ever pure 100% agave spirit, whether tequila, mezcal or any other, with a zero methanol content.
Methanol is medically toxic, causing the nausea and subsequent hangovers many brash drinkers associate with tequila and mezcal – so I regard the zero methanol Porfidio as the culmination of my life's work, epitomizing my own personal philosophy towards enjoyable drinking – which is that you should never regret it in the morning.
As with all our Porfidio range, Porfidio Quercus is made only from mature ten year-old Agave pinas, enzymatically hydrolized to guarantee its intrinsic smoothness; and, new and unique to Porfidio Quercus, no methanol content at all, even before we begin our innovative ageing process.
Agave spirits like tequila and mezcal are usually aged in large 220 liter casks previously used for Bourbon. In contrast, all aged Porfidio expressions are matured in 100% virgin, first-fill barrels. Now, Porfidio Quercus takes ageing methodology another step farther by maturing in small virgin oak casks of only 110 liters each, which give a higher wood- surface to liquid ratio and allow more exposure to the air permeating the oak pores. In addition, the casks are craft-coopered from the most expensive and highest quality American oak, air-dried,hand-toasted Pennsylvania oak.
Although these innovations are new to the tequila industry, the globe’s most noteworthy New World wine makers, such as Opus One and Penfold's Grange, have done this for decades and Porfidio gratefully emulated the masters.
However, for additional finesse, instead of being stacked immobile in a warehouse, casked Porfidio Quercus ages on a two months ocean voyage. This tour-du-monde ageing method, emulating some of the finest aquavits and cognacs, is new to the tequila & mezcal category. The waves and winds gently rock our casks while they experience the capricious temperatures and humidity levels of different climates, adding subtle incremental texture to the molecular structure of the distilled spirit.
I invite you to taste Porfidio Quercus and experience the simple uncomplicated delicacy of freshly-pressed and distilled agave juice when subtly perfused with a superbly restrained seasoning of the very best American oak.
Sometimes, added complexity obscures the simple beauty of combined pure elements harmonizing without intrusive grace-notes. Clean and simple brushstrokes produce the most meaningful calligraphy, just as minimalism in architecture reveals the core of the structure in all its beauty without the “noise” of Baroque decoration cluttering the vision.
It is the simple, minimalist yet harmonious combination of elements - a droplet of the finest soya, the best raw fish, a tiny little bit of fresh wasabe - which makes great sashimi. As a great aficionado of superb sashimi and of minimalist architecture, with Porfidio Quercus I wanted to amplify the delicate yet elemental essence of the pure agave juice rather than obscure it, which is why I chose only the best oak to imbue the spirit with a minimal hint of the wood, carefully calibrated to express its simple unobscured harmony with the fresh and delicate agave spirit.
Porfidio Quercus’s combination of a hint of the finest oak, with the purest distilled agave juice, stirred by Neptune, is one of Bacchus’s finest offerings.
I therefore propose Porfidio Quercus as a contemporary agave spirit inspired by architectural minimalism,where less is more, when it is expressed with superior materials, craftsmanship and functionality, producing the sensuous and stimulating mental and physical sensations that people expect from drinking – without the hangover they fear.

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