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Inspired by the centenary of Queen Victoria’s passing, S3xA was conceived in 2001 and came to full fruition in 2014 as a joint venture between Desmond Nazareth, the Indian-American computer whiz of Silicon Valley fame, and Martin Grassl, the man behind Porfidio. The joint venture was created out of the mutual respect of two entrepreneurs of disparate backgrounds but with similar creative mind. They shared a profound admiration for a botanical wonder, the “tree of marvels” as the Spanish Conquistadors called the agave when they encountered it in Mexico.
S3xA is not made in Mexico, but in the Highlands of Southern India, the Deccan Plateau, a delimited geographical area where the magnificent agaves for our spirit flourish. It is the plant that makes the spirit, not politics, so it was said. Transplanted from Mexico to India by Queen Victoria for fencing off the railways of the Raj to stop Holy Cows from being crushed by trains, the agaves procreated exuberantly, completely going off the rails to spread over their new magnesium-rich breeding grounds, the Deccan Plateau Highlands. A century after Queen Victoria's death, we rediscovered her treasure and discovered how to spin her inheritance into liquid gold!
Unlike Mexico where most agave is plantation-grown, our agaves are free range, foraged from the wild, therefore inherently natural. By the whims of the Queen-Empress, it was the Agave Americana, not Tequila’s Blue Weber, that she chose to protect her railways, which technically makes this agave spirit a mezcal, not a tequila, both of which are descriptive terms now legally claimed by Mexico (R/A.C). However, the ovens we use avert the frequent smokiness of some mezcals so that drinkers can savour the delicate subtlety and purity of the Agave Americana.
In the spirit of singularity, each production batch highlights the year of the harvest, the vintage. While being a single-agave, single-variety, single-harvest, single-origin, single-distillery agave spirit from India makes it already distinctive, what really sets the S3xA agave spirit apart is the luxury of being made from wildly foraged agave, untouched by human intervention for an entire century; and unlike most of their Mexican cousins, not cloned by "artificial insemination" in a Monsanto or other company lab.
Making the spirit from first-press agave juices, processed via the traditional oven cooking method, carefully bio-fermented and meticulously alembic distilled in small lots, we have a claim to be India's first artisan distillers.
S3xA forms the second element in a four-piece Vino de Mezcal Series of the world's most salient and unique agave spirits, whose uniqueness consist not only in the singularity of their serial quality, but, going beyond the intrinsic, their cosmopolitan, non-Mexican origin.

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