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γῆ, ὕδωρ, ἀήρ, πῦρ & Ἀγαύη (Linnaeus A.D. 1753)
conveniently but mistakenly procreated in this manner over multiple agave plant generations by local custom in Mexico, thereby eroding the agave plant’s DNA with each new seedling generation.
Some companies focus on the value segment of the market, where price, not quality, is king. Other companies focus on the mid-price-range market by supplying acceptably good products to consumers at commonly affordable prices. We respect these companies.
Porfidio, however, is committed to focusing on the upper echelon of the consumer market, the so-called luxury goods market, and to providing the very best quality in its product category. This necessarily carries a corresponding price tag.
Being in this privileged price segment implicitly affords Porfidio the luxury to provide the very best quality to consumers, in all of its components, which collectively constitute our finished product. All Porfidio products are made from carefully selected, premium-quality 100% Agave; aged in the best premium virgin barrels; bottled in unique artisan glass bottles; corked with the best available corks; labeled with the highest quality metal foil labels; dressed with unique gift boxes; and, last but not least, packed in high quality corrugated cartons.
The same vision that permeates our product philosophy is carried over to our complementary range of so-called ‘promotional items’, which equally are not only unique but of the highest quality.
To further consolidate our emphasis on quality, within the pure 100% agave product segment, Porfidio explicitly specializes in the highest-quality sub-segment of the 100% agave spirits segment - that is, its premium-aged ‘Anejo-Extra’, ‘Anejo’ and ‘Reposado’ expressions - while being only a marginal market player in the un-aged silver 100% agave sub-segment.
As such, Porfidio’s core competency and primary brand consumer recognition doubtless lies in ultra-premium brown spirits made from 100% Agave.
In summary, quality is one of our key values.

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