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Over the last 30 years, the face of the tequila industry has been reshaped. Lethargy, complacency and banality have been swept aside by the man who dared to challenge them: Austrian Martin Grassl’ innovation, creativity and renegade thinking have repeatedly injected new life into the industry. Moving from Switzerland to Mexico in 1991, Grassl brought with him from Europe the drive to create, from nothing, an international luxury spirits brand based on the noble and unique agave plant.
Grassl’s passion for luxury goods was more than a passion; it was a state of mind. Together with his youthful lust for Wild West adventure, it spurred him into a unique creative mindset, which gave birth to his brainchild: Porfidio.
The international market has followed Grassl’s career with increasing fascination and respect: he has been dubbed the major innovative force behind the tequila industry in the 20th century (Wall Street Journal and New York Times) as well as the “Austrian whiz kid that pushed tequila up-market” (Reuters). In Mexico, he is the “Enfant Terrible of the tequila industry” (Milenio).
Whatever you call him, it is fair to say that Grassl has ruffled more than a few feathers with his innovations. He has undermined the very foundations of the tequila industry’s century-old oligarchy, committing the unpardonable crime making a peerless tequila that puts their products to shame. As a result, Grassl has been embroiled in widely-publicized sparring matches with the Mexican tequila establishment, which have made political history.
Opinions on the Porfidio brand are therefore unyieldingly polarized, with no room for indifference. Porfidio is loved or hated, often misguidedly motivated, in both directions, by racial and nationalistic sentiments, but there can be no doubt that the man behind the brand has refused to conform to the status quo.
Grassl has contributed to the tequila industry with multiple innovations both in tequila production technology and spirits packaging standards.
In tequila production technology, Grassl was the first to transplant to Mexico modern distillation; the first to implement temperature controlled fermentation; the first to apply

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