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waterless hydraulic pressing of the agave plant; the first to transplant to Mexico up-to-date ageing standards; and the first to introduce enzymatic hydrolysis for Porfidio Super-Jalisco.
As a consequence of Grassl’s efforts, Porfidio has received many accolades over the years, such as the Wine Enthusiast (USA /98 points), ISW (Germany / Sehr Gut) and Vinnaya (Russia / Best Tequila). Porfidio was also the first brand in the world to market a single-barrel tequila, the first to market a triple-distilled tequila, the first to market an Anejo-Extra tequila; and the first to market a 100% Blue Agave Super-Jalisco.
Grassl's 2012 Porfidio Collection added to these previous innovations the first vino de agave, as well as the world's first 100% blue agave Shochu. The present collection adds the world's first Fraxinus wood aged blue agave spirit, the first agave gin, the first Indian- and Australian-made vinos de mezcal; and the first tequila-barrel-aged Welschriesling wine.
For packaging innovations, Grassl was the first in the international spirits community to create a glass bottle with a solid colored glass object at its center (Porfidio’s Cactus Bottle). He was the first to create a bi-color coated spirits bottle; the first to use celestial blue non-coated glass bottles in Mexico; and the first to use color-changing amethyst glass for a spirit bottle.
Grassl has been recognized with numerous accolades for his design achievements over the years, which include the Wine & Spirits Asia Pacific Design Award (Hong Kong / Best Bottle Design Award) and the Beverage Dynamics Packaging Award (USA / Best Overall Packaging Award).
Widely imitated and copied by the tequila and mezcal industry at large, a manifestation of the highest form of flattery, Porfidio asserts its uniqueness through ongoing creative evolution. The brand is infused with Grassl’s vision and his refusal to accept less than absolute excellence.

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