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   Why would anyone spend seven times more for a bottle?
Most people would not, or could not, but a select few could and would if they know what they are paying for.
If they know that the bottle and its contents come from a dedicated maker who has challenged governments and cost-cutting rivals to make the best agave spirits in the world.
If they know we only use agave that has been maturing steadily for ten years
If they know that, uniquely, we cold-press our agave, so the heat does not destroy the delicacy of its flavor.
If they know that instead of crudely baking our agave in ovens, we use enzymatic hydrolysis to get the goodness for the yeasts to work on (and if they knew what we meant!)
If they know the cost of a wood barrel coopered from the best oak – and only used once.
If they know the difference between a factory-made bottle and an individually artisan-crafted work of art.
If they know that each bottle of Porfidio Super-Jalisco has to overcome all the perils of being made in a country where no one is ever sure whether it is the mafia or the government in control – and often cannot tell the difference.
Now you know. It is the price for approaching perfection.

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